Region:East Midlands

Technique:Cold work, Kiln work

Areas of Interest:Technical queries, Techniques, Workshops

Country:United Kingdom


Sarah Brookman

My working life was spent as a photographer. Kiln glass forming was discovered at full tilt a month before the Covid lockdown. Bliss.

So far I have been intent on discovering and mastering the various techniques imperative to successful outcomes.
Light refracted and reflected by glass colours is the main intrigue. Melted glass moves in its own way and I would like to harness and encourage this recognition in the pieces.

Pebbles , Sarah Brookman

Flowertree 2 16 x 23cm , Sarah Brookman

KSorig 11 x 16cm , Sarah Brookman

Hampton 20 x 18cm , Sarah Brookman

24/13 14 x 20cm , Sarah Brookman

Flowertree 1 18x 27cm , Sarah Brookman

Textiley 23 x 19cm , Sarah Brookman

Jude 17 x 22cm , Sarah Brookman

CUh 18 x 21cm , Sarah Brookman