Technique:Cold work


Discipline:Architectural, Decorative, Fine art

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Publications

Product:Fine Art, Sculpture


Samantha SCHMID

After 4 years studies at Federal Arts and Crafts College in Vevey (Switzerland), and a decorator diploma, I lived for 20 years in various countries in Africa and Asia, teaching art and practising various local art techniques. In 1985, I opened my professional glass studio in Southern France

I exclusively do cold work with float glass, using various techniques of etching, engraving, bevelling, polishing, colouring and bonding. Some of these I have developped myself. Every piece is unique.

Our planet - the only one we've got , Photo FC Photographe Thuir

Suburb , Photo FC Photographe Thuir

Killer wave , Fred Fouché

The Choice (front) , Fred Fouché

Hope/Despair , Fred Fouché

The vote , Photo FC Photographe Thuir

Oil slick victim , Fred Fouché

Tectonics , Fred Fouché

The Choice (rear) , Fred Fouché