Region:Greater London

Technique:Hot glass, Kiln work

Occupation:Artist, Collector

Discipline:Fine art, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Conferences, Exhibition

Product:Sculptural, Sculpture

Country:United Kingdom

Cathryn Shilling

After a career as a Graphic Designer a move to the USA prompted me to pursue a new creative direction. I studied the art and craft of Stained Glass in Connecticut and then on my return to London I began studying and working with both Kiln formed glass and Blown glass. In 2009 I set up my own professional practice. In 2010 I joined the team at London Glassblowing as Curator.

Kiln formed glass is the perfect medium for my work. It gives me the creative and technical freedom to produce tactile, tangible and enduring pieces that explore the sculptural quality of glass. Hot Glass however allows me to investigate and work in a more immediate and direct way with my chosen material, drawing inspiration from its molten state in order to produce unique and tactile vessels.

Diorama - Tree of Souls , Ester Segarra

Nestled , Ester Segarra

The Fleeting Nature of Earthly Pleasures , Ester Segarra

Cloaked - The Women of Troy , Ester Segarra

Garniture - Variegation , Ester Segarra

Hidden Gestures , Ester segarra

Woven Chalice , Ester Segarra

Diorami , Ester Segarra

Fractured Vessels , Ester Segarra