World country:Canada

Technique:Casting, Cold work


Discipline:Fine art, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Conferences, Publications


Katherine Southam

Woodlands and lakes have always been integral to my artistic evolution and sensitivity. In my work, I attempt to highlight the inextricability of the human and natural worlds by juxtaposing elements of each within a single arrangement. My surreal anthropomorphic creatures are created fusing dreams, imagination and the memory of familiar landscape. My process applies the surrealist method of automatism and draws from my imaginings; in this way, I try to achieve a free exploration of form. By engaging the subconscious in this manner, I attempt to force an encounter between the unexpected and the familiar.

I began my art education with a theoretical grounding by completing a BFA in Art History at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. I then pursued a degree in Glass and Ceramics at the National Glass Center in Sunderland. I established my own studio practice in Canada for several years and this year have have completed my MA in Glass at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Promenade , Earl Havlin Photography

Falling from the sky

Wings , Shannon Tofts Photography

Travellers , Shannon Tofts Photography

Convergence nocturne

Journey , Shannon Tofts

Dream beaver

Mille-pattes , Earl Havlin Photography