Technique:Flame working, Other


Discipline:Design, Installation, Sculptural

Country:United States

Wayne Strattman

I am a plasma artist based in Boston MA, USA. I make a wide variety of lighting displays and sculpture for museums worldwide, using flameworked glass, electricity, neon and other inert gases. My work to advance this medium as an art and technology includes teaching, consulting, researching and writing.

Strattman Design is a leading innovator in glass lighting technologies, creating kinetic plasma displays for museums, tradeshows, industry and arts for over 30 years. We supply the world’s largest plasma globes to science museums worldwide, and produce unique creative lighting displays with flameworked borosilicate glass, inert rare gases and electricity.

Strattman, Wayne, "Crush Kill Destroy"

Strattman, Wayne, "An Electric Tribute to Mark Rothko"

Strattman, Wayne, "Three Muses"

Strattman, Wayne, "Plasma Chess Set"

Strattman, Wayne, "Willow Tree"

Strattman, Wayne, "Jacob's Ladder"

Strattman, Wayne, "Plasma Neuron"

Strattman, Wayne, "Plasma Globes"

Strattman, Wayne, "Fiction Science"

Strattman, Wayne, "Emergent 1/Growth"