Technique:Casting, Kiln work, Painting

Occupation:Artist, Student

Discipline:Decorative, Functional, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Education, Supplies, Techniques

Product:Design/ Functional/ interiors, Sculptural, Wall pieces


Susan Wiscombe

I was born and spent my younger years in Tasmania. I grew up amongst a rugged landscape, where the rhythms of life are omnipresent. The ebb and flow of warmth and coolness, light and darkness maintain equilibrium in all living things. My aim is to evoke atmosphere, mysticism and elusiveness while referencing the natural phenomena of space and light. Due to the duplicitous qualities of glass, it is my material of choice. Like the land and sea scapes of this distant south island, glass can be beautiful yet treacherous and has qualities of strength and yet fragile to human intervention. Through my art practice I like to delve into philosophical juxtapositions found in the natural world by creating works that drift between an aesthetic that is suggestive of a mood or emotion and forms that may be imaginary or based on known, but not always recognised, natural structures. In turn this leads to the creation of curious and at times whimsical works.

Currently undertaking Honours in Visual Art at the Australian National University

Atmospheric Nuances , S Wiscombe