World country:United States

Technique:Leaded and stained


Discipline:Decorative, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Networking, Techniques, Workshops

Product:Commission, Lighting, Sculpture, Windows

Country:United States

Suzanne Wilson

I am the daughter of an artist who was commissioned at one time to create a large-scale glass project for a local church. I inherited his supply of Dalle De Verre glass chunks and just began working with it in 2021. I found that I could craft it into beautiful sun catchers, sculptures and lamps.

The majority of my pieces are inspired by nature and the elements. My designs feature bold colors and whimsical patterns. Intricate soldering and wire work provide stability while enabling the maximum amount of light to shine through the facets. Commission projects are welcomed. I reside in the USA.

Oak Leaf Wreath , G. R. Wilson

Castle with Votives , G. R. Wilson

Flower Sun Catcher , G. R. Wilson

Jean's Water Lilies , G. R. Wilson

Soft Colors Cylinder Lamp , G. R. Wilson

Winter Panel , G. R. Wilson

Square Lamp , G. R. Wilson