Technique:Engraving Kiln work, Painting


Discipline:Architectural, Decorative, Functional, Installation, Public art

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Networking, Techniques

Country:United Kingdom


Verity Pulford

Glass artist

Verity Pulford is a glass artist living and working in rural North Wales.
She uses a variety of processes to create her work-combining kilnforming and architectural techniques in unique ways to create vessels, sculpture, installation, architectural and public art.
Verity’s work is inspired by organic structures- in particular the small details- the shapes and textures of algae, fungi, lichen, moss and ferns. She is fascinated by the cataloging of nature- natural history artifacts, early cyanotypes, x-rays, microscopic images of the human body and botanical drawings.

, Simon Bruntnell

Gardens of the Mind

Gardens of the Mind , Simon Bruntnell

, Simon Bruntnell

, Simon Bruntnell