Technique:Casting, Cold work, Kiln work


Discipline:Decorative, Fine art, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Networking

Product:Fine Art, Installations, Sculptural, Wall pieces

Vivien Hart

Through kiln-formed glass I seek to honor and celebrate the slow processes of nature. My glass work is inspired by earth and its rhythms, freezing in time glimpses of the earth through the - play of light and shadow - times passage or perhaps - the moment after a stone strikes still water My hope is to create work that inspires preservation, by reminding one of a time and place when in great stillness, nature took your breath away.

The majority of my designs are minimalist in nature, while the techniques are decidedly not.

The Every Drop Counts bowls are fired five times and each display a unique design. The first firing involves creating a glass blank by scoring, breaking and firing two pieces of sheet glass. The second step involves creating a distinctive kiln-carving design using fiber blanket. The next two firings involve building up the edge and crest of the “wave” of the bowls edge. After the fourth firing the bowl goes through a lengthy edge grinding and polishing process. In the final firing the piece is slumped into a mold to create its shape.

In the past year I have begun to engage in processes which involve creating elemental designs and textures using sifted glass powders. You can see this technique used in my Moment In Time wall castings collection, as well as in the small ice cube. Thin layers of organic glass powder creations are sifted and capped between pieces of sheet glass to create a layering effect. The wall pieces are 7-8 layers thick, while the ice cube is nine layers thick. Each piece has design layers, as well as clear layers to create a sense of depth.

Moments in Time Collection -- Evening Mist , Keay Edwards Photography

Moments In Time -- Spring Rain , Keay Edwards Photography

Every Drop Counts -- Extra Large , Keay Edwards Photography

Every Drop Counts -- Small , Keay Edwards Photography

Ice Cube , Keay Edwards Photography

Moments in Time Collection -- Summer Night , Keay Edwards Photography

Moments In Time -- Frozen Soil , Keay Edwards Photography

Every Drop Counts -- Large , Keay Edwards Photography

Ice Cubes , Keay Edwards Photography