Region:South East England

Technique:Kiln work


Discipline:Decorative, Functional, Jewellery

Country:United Kingdom

Linzi Wetherell

“I am an Artist.” I can now almost say this with a straight face, yet it still feels strange, and I’m even now a bit of a technique junky. My journey towards this declaration has been plagued with moments of self-doubt and sparks of inspiration. It started with the contemplation of, “what am I passionate about?” and “what am I good at?” Whilst exploring these themes, the realisation crystalised. The things I really love, and why I love them, are so contrasting, just as so many aspects of my life. I discovered that my “glass” had started to reflect this too, even though it had not been my conscious intention. As a result of this insight, moving forward through this artistic journey, my focus has been an exploration of juxtaposition in life, primarily my life. The contrast in techniques and approaches utilised, mirror the contradictions found in the aspects of my life, interests and personality. I am a highly organised but messy lover of purple, chemistry devotee, spreadsheet and data guru, exam and timetable wizard, glass loving artist. Glass is my escapism. I hope you enjoy the escape too.