Region:Greater London

World country:United Kingdom

Technique:Cold work, Flame working, Hot glass

Occupation:Artist, Educator, Student

Discipline:Design, Fine art, Media

Areas of Interest:Education, Exhibition, Supplies

Product:Architectural, Fine Art, Sculpture

Country:United Kingdom

County:Greater London

Ziyu wang

Postgraduate student in the direction of the Department of Glass, Royal College of Art, UK Dedicated to creating a combination of imagery and glass art.

In new project, I continue to use a combination of my photography and glass materials to achieve a particular visual effect. As a glass artist I am trying to push the boundaries of combining photography and glass, and as a photographer I am exploring the boundaries of photography in both flat and three-dimensional presentations. I think this is what the Territory project has brought to my mind, and I will continue to use these techniques to create more beautiful works.