Region:South East England

Technique:Kiln work, Painting


Discipline:Decorative, Jewellery

Areas of Interest:Supplies, Technical queries, Techniques, Workshops

Country:United Kingdom

Anne Zorner

I have long been inspired by colour and glass from a young child in a seaside resort. Call me a colour addict I wont mind! I wasn't a designer just a spare time sketcher of sorts. I could make things, sometimes. It wasn't until the advent of public email boards that I met a mentor that helped me combine my loves with jewellery and glass fusing. I love but am also frustrated by glass and its colours;-) In 2017 I left my computing work life... now as Alfeze, I want to see what I have missed and what I can make of and in the future!

As I am still experimenting … developing my skills … trying to find my path… work out which one I can do the most with…
So my current projects are:
a) using enamels in fully fused work, method a la Paul Messink
b) using dichroic paper and micas to enhance fused glass items not just jewellry
c) combining enamels with dichroic and micas
these last two are based on Tanya’s methodologies but using others enamels that already existed in the ceramics world.

Cinqe Torre, Italy. Images in enamel layered fused glass. , Alfeze

shallow bowl of the universe (top) , Alfeze

even a frit molds image can be distorted to please - small platter , Alfeze

using enamel colour to enhance simple bowl , Alfeze

shallow bowl of the universe (underside) , Alfeze

simple shallow bowl with frit molded poppy , Alfeze