World country:Hungary

Technique:Casting, Kiln work, Leaded and stained

Occupation:Artist, Trade and Industry

Discipline:Design, Fine art, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Exhibition

Product:Design/ Functional/ interiors, Fine Art, Windows


Zsuzsanna Deák

Let me introduce myself: I am Zsuzsanna Deák, a glass artist from Szeged. • 1976. Szeged • 1991-1995 István Tömörkény Art High School • 1995-1998 CE Glass garfikus • 1998-1999 Interior designer OKJ • 1998-2001 Jüllich Glas Holding, head of decorative glass department • 2001 Deák Design glass designer • 2016-2019 University of Szeged JGYPK Visual Representation - Architectural Flat Glass BA • 2020-2022 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design - MA • From September 2022, he is an artist teacher at István Vedres Technical College in Szeged

• May 10, 2018. Sófi scholarship, Outstanding Trustee’s Award
• Scholarship recipient of the New National Excellence Program in the
2018/19 academic year – to support the research program
• 2018/19 National Higher Education Scholarship.
• March 26, 2019. Sofi scholarship, Gold Degree.
• Scholarship recipient of the New National Excellence Program in the
2021/22 academic year – to support the research program

On the one hand, this project is about how we can rethink the process of
reducing the amount of waste. On the other hand, about how to transform
the original waste glass, how we can make this changed, new material
visible. To explore how beautiful and surprising surfaces and textures can
be created from them, in artistic works, design products and architectural
elements. In my planning, my goal is to create a design in which I tried to
take the aspects of sustainable development into account, and in order to
protect the ecology, I preferred planning for the entire production cycle.
Creating design products that not only decorate your home, but also use
waste during their production, which protects our planet from the
incineration of useless waste and the emission of carbon dioxide!
Conscious selective collection of architectural glass waste and its secondary
life in valuable DESIGN products.
Base value:
Creation of handmade, sustainably designed contemporary industrial art,
design products, architectural elements from architectural glass waste.

Re-built Glass Doors , Deák Zsuzsanna

Re-built Glass Bowl

Re-built Glass minimal Bowl , Zsuzsanna Deák

Re-built Glass Doors , Deák Zsuzsanna

Re-built Glass Brick , Deák Zsuzsanna

Re-built Glass modular glass coffee table , Zsuzsanna Deák