Training | 07-03-2023

Apply now for Cockpit London Glass Sellers’ Bursary

A bursary is available for a craftsperson working in warm or cold glass, providing subsidised studio space at Cockpit in London.

The Cockpit Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers Bursary offers one year of business support and subsidised studio space at the Cockpit art space in London. The business support includes one-to-one coaching and business development workshops. There are also selling and promotional opportunities, including two annual Cockpit Open Studios events.

Applicants must have warm or cold glass as a major constituent of their work and be currently living in the UK and entitled to remain for the duration of the award, which begins in September 2023.

Bursary sponsor, the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers, supports the promotion of glass as a material and has continuing contacts with the glass industry. The Company promotes knowledge of the properties of glass in schools and helps with education projects in the City of London and around the country. It also supports smaller businesses and artists working in glass through exhibitions, competitions and prizes.

Applications close on 11 April 2023. Find out more and apply via this link.

The current awardee is Lulu Harrison, whose work is pictured.

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