Exhibitions | 10-08-2023

Apply now for our online exhibition of architectural glass ‘High and Mighty!’

Take part in the next Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) online exhibition – this time featuring architectural glass.

We live in glass buildings – both commercial and residential. We are surrounded by glass as a building material. Typically, it is used as transparent glazing within the building envelope, but we know what else it can be used for!

Windows, wall panels, ceilings, bar fascias, feature sculptures – all can transform their surroundings with colour, light, pattern, texture and design! A building is given personality, gravitas, exuberance or comfort by the inspired use of decorative glass.

So in the next CGS online exhibition, CGS members have the opportunity to flaunt your glorious architectural glass projects. What have you got to show us?

This is a CGS members-only exhibition. If you are not yet a member, why not sign up today so you can take part?

For existing members, the deadline is 25 August 2023 and the show will go live on 4 September 2023. Simply log in to your account and go to the Submit to Exhibitions tab on the left, find High and Mighty in the dropdown menu and upload your image and details.

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