Events | 31-10-2023

Book for symposium on Japanese cut crystal

A one-day symposium exploring the shared culture and heritage that exists between Scotland and Japan through the medium of cut crystal will take place on Friday 8 December 2023.

This ‘Edo-Kiriko’ event is led by Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) in partnership with the Horiguchi-Kiriko glass studio, based in Tokyo, Japan. The studio specialises in Edo-Kiriko, a traditional type of Japanese cut crystal.

The symposium, to be held at ECA in Scotland, will host a range of speakers, a live demonstration of glass cutting (with an object handling session) and an object showcase at ECA. This event revolves around the internationally famed Japanese glass master Toru Horiguchi. The symposium hopes to trigger debate and discourse around the lost art of crystal cutting in the UK and act as a catalyst for a new material cultural exchange between Scotland and Japan.

The project is driven by the historical glassmaking connections between these two countries, drawing upon a joint history that dates to the 1870s-1880s, when three glassmakers from Scotland helped the Japanese modernise their glass industry.

The speakers include Toru Horiguchi, glass historians Sally Hadden and Dr Jill Turnbull, social historian Professor Aaron William Moore, glass engraver Alison Kinnaird, glass designer and educator Dr Jessamy Kelly and Chris Blade, CEO of Cumbria Crystal.

The Edo-Kiriko symposium takes place from 9.30am to 5pm, followed by drinks from 5.30-7.30pm. It is free to attend but ticketed.

Location: West Court, Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place, EH3 9DF, Scotland.

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