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British Glass Biennale and International Bead Biennale artists announced

The International Festival of Glass has announced the 121 artists selected for the 2024 British Glass Biennale exhibition.

The expert judging panel, comprising Candice-Elena Greer (chair), Martin Donlin, Nadania Idriss, Tanya Raabe-Webber and Annie Warburton, selected the very best of this year’s entries from 326 applications, all of which achieved a very high standard.

This final year of the show under the organisation of the Ruskin Mill Trust saw a 31% increase in applications to take part in this showcase of the most interesting, diverse and outstanding glass art made in the UK in the last two years.

Artists selected for the British Glass Biennale (main section) are: Tamsin Abbott, Emma Baker, Vic Bamforth, Carol Bayada, Emily Bellhouse, Heike Brachlow, Steve Brown, Sarah Brown, Karen Browning and Jon Lewis, Charlie Burke, Susan Burne, Nina Casson McGarva, Ian Chadwick, James Cockerill, Katharine Coleman, Keith Cummings, Christopher Day, Sacha Delabre, James Denison-Pender, James Devereux, Celia Dowson, Laura Dutton, Fiaz Elson, Sally Fawkes, Karen Ferrand, Dominic Fonde, Gary Fovargue, Alec Galloway, Hannah Gibson, Stephen Graham, Claire Hall, Kate Henderson, Caz Hildebrand, Madeleine Hughes, Katherine Huskie, Richard Jackson, Kate Jones and Stephen Gillies, Choi Keeryong, Joshua Kerley and Guy Marshall Brown, Oksana Kondratyeva, Isabella Kullmann, Nadia Lammas, Monette Larsen, Peter Layton, Lola Lazaro Hinks, Jessie Lee, James Lethbridge, Julie Light, Jane Littlefield, James Maskrey, Sam Mukumba, Rachel Mulligan, Tracy Nicholls, Marzena Ostromecka, April Owens, Jacque Pavlosky, Rachel Phillips, Jade Pinnell, Richard Platt, Verity Pulford, Laura Quinn, Tim Rawlinson, David Reekie, Colin Reid, Bruno Romanelli, Annie Ross, Penelope Jane Ross, Layne Rowe, Charlotte Savill, Anthony Scala, Opal Seabrook, Sarah Shanahan, Sax Shaw, Ruth Shelley, Tracey Sheppard, Amanda Simmons, Cathryn Shilling, Robyn Smith, Sophie Southgate, Andrea Spencer, Helen Slater-Stokes, Dawid Stroyny, Phoebe Stubbs, Nancy Sutcliffe, Jane Vincent, Elliot Walker, Zac Weinberg, Sarah Wiberley, Colin Wilkes, Neil Wilkin, Bethany Wood, Rachel Woodman, Muna Zuberi.

Garvald Glass: John Newey, Cissie Grieves, Shannon Crosbie, Alison Edwards, Callum Smith, David Willis, Nicole Tait, Lizz McFarlene, Dominic Mather, Christopher Cobb, Michael Mclellan, Joseph Gibney, Marzena Ostromeka, Jane McArthur, Ramon Beascoechea, Michele Raine.

The British Glass Biennale Student Section will be represented by: Joanna Ackroyd, Anthony Amoako Atttah, Yiran An, Beth Colledge, Meimei Cui, Jianyun Ding, Helen Gordon, Brynn Hill, Holly Hooper, Ali Jarvis, Hassina Khan, Aria Kiani, Sophie Longwill, Joanna Manousis, Jason McAnuff, Faith Mercer, Helen Restorick, Polly Thomas-Colquhoun, Ziyu Wang, plus Yixue Yang and Wei Ding.

Invited Artists: Keith Brocklehurst, Martin Donlin, Matt Durran.

International Bead Biennale

There were 42 artists selected for the International Bead Biennale by jury members Will Farmer, Carole Morris and Pam Reekie. They represent the US, Canada, Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Norway, Belgium and the UK.

International Bead Biennale artists selected are: Jeanne-Sophie Aas, Olga Alianova, Laurie Ament, David Bentham, Michele Bevis, Dan Bowran, Michael Bullen, Madeline Bunyan, Helena Castro García, Katharine Coleman, Julie Couch, Pauline Delaney, Sarah Downton, Simon Eccles, Rachel Elliott, Ilsa Fatt, Zoe Garner, Karina Guevin and Cedric Ginart, Brett Gui Xin, April Hilling Ross, Madeleine Hughes, Richard Jones, Joan Keller, Jennie Lamb, Freya Laughton, Ana Llavador, James Lethbridge, Benito Lozano Blanco, Teresa Malcolm, Allister Malcolm, Michaela Maria Moeller, Purnima Patel, Petra Pepper, Maria Popkova, Samantha Sonnefield, Ann Steenkiste, Michi Suzuki, Samantha Sweet, Ayako Tani, Angela Thwaites, Stephanie White and Jolene Wolfe.

Invited Artists

Keith Brocklehurst, Holly Cooper.

There are almost £30,000-worth of awards to be won, with prize winners to be announced at the awards ceremony on 22 August 2024 at the Glasshouse, Stourbridge, UK. Winners of the prizes chosen through public votes will be announced at the closing ceremony on 28 September 2024.

Opening times and venue

The exhibitions are open Tuesday to Saturday from 26 August to 28 September 2024 at the Glasshouse, Wollaston Road, Amblecote, Stourbridge DY8 4HF, UK. The awards ceremony marks the start of the International Festival of Glass, a four-day event celebrating the drama and excitement of glass.

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