News | 28-08-2021

BSMGP webinar on Australian stained glass

Sign up now for the British Society of Master Glass Painters’ (BSMGP) Autumn webinar on stained glass in Australia.

The lecture, ‘Australia’s stained glass: Short History…Long Story’ will be presented by Dr Bronwyn Hughes on Friday 10 September at 7pm.

She will take viewers on a journey through a selection of stained glass windows installed in Australian architecture. She will explore British connections and influence from the 1850s onwards, as both countries were changed by depression, war and economic circumstances.

Stained glass, seen by many as simply decorative, was an outcome of society’s fluctuations and documents art, architectural, and religious history.

In this webinar, learn more about how the discovery of gold brought artists to enhance the building boom it spawned.

Tickets are £5 (£4.25 for BSMGP members)

Book tickets here .

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