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Exhibitions | 07-09-2022

CGS launches The Human Condition online glass exhibition

Take a look at the latest CGS online exhibition, ‘The Human Condition’, which is featured on the CGS website until 30 October.

The theme for the exhibition is an exploration into what makes us human. CGS Chair, Susan Purser Hope, explains, “We wanted our member artists to really explore what characterises the essentials of human existence from birth and continues throughout our lives.

“We invited artists to ponder on birth, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict and mortality, or simply demonstrate through their glass what makes them who they are. Their work celebrates their own personal condition, as they let their glass do the talking. They show us what they love, hate, fear and hope for.

“The aim of the ‘The Human Condition’ was to give CGS members the chance to reveal parts of themselves that might be vulnerable, challenging, or celebratory. The entirety of human experience involves being human and living human lives. We are mortal beings, and through our journeys as humans, we live through a cascade of biologically-determined events. It is how we react to or cope with these events that is the human condition.

“Put simply, the human condition is the act of living and everything it entails.”

The artists exhibiting are CGS members from the UK and around the world. They are: Janine Altman, Janette Garthwaite, Eva Walsh, Tali Grinshpan, Jo Mitchell, Nancy Sutcliffe, Nicholas Rutherford, Deák Zsuzsanna, Malina Cipleu, David Reekie, Becky Harris Cowley, Phillipa Candy, Teresa Chlapowski, Samantha Schmid, Elana Tree, Julia Kastler, Mariana Sabbatella, Julie Light, Linda Harris, Lesley Pyke, Annie Ross, Jacque Pavlosky, Steven Graham, Anne Scott, Lois Parker, Jan O’Highway, Mark Ammermann, Jacky Edwards, Hillary Heckard & Marco Signoretto , Morag Reekie, Zihao Xiong, Steve Jensen, Shannon Ellis Baker, Fabrizia Bazzo, Pascale Enfold, Vicky Higginson, Richard T Roberts, and Emma Borland.

After it ends its showcase spot on the website on 30 October, ‘The Human Condition’ exhibition will remain in the online gallery for the long term.

Image: ‘The Age of Enlightenment’ by Eva Walsh.

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