Exhibitions | 28-11-2021

Chinese Craft Glass Competition winners announced

Congratulations to several Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) members who have won medals in the Sixth Chinese Craft Glass Competition and Exhibition.

Owing to COVID-19 restrictions in China, this year’s awards ceremony has had to be cancelled and international artists were not required to send their artworks to the show.

There were two sections to the event, the first being the Sixth Creativity Competition and the second the Fifth Flame Working international glass festival.

The following artists won medals in flameworking category:
Stewart Hearn and Kathryn Hearn’s ‘Cicada’ won the Gold Medal; Stewart Hearn’s ‘Glacial Erratic’ won the Silver Medal, and CGS member Emma Goring’s ‘Sort Sol Spring’ black vessel won the Bronze Medal.

Winners of Excellence Work medals were CGS member Calum Dawes for ‘Spirit Vessel Pair’; Vanessa Cutler for ‘P2 – Partial Piercings’; CGS member Deborah Timperley, for ‘Pushed Back 2’; Vanessa Cutler for both ‘Chitter Chatter’ and ‘Gender’, plus Tim Spurchise for ‘Watermelon Fish’ and ‘Sea Bear’.

Winners of Selected Work medals were: Tim Spurchise, for ‘Sea Bear’, ‘Sawfish’, ‘Hydra Nautilus’, ‘Pig Fish’, ‘Lung Fish’ and ‘Plague Doctor’; Deborah Timperley, for ‘Transition’, ‘Soft box’, ‘Contained dialogue’, ‘Surface barrier 2’ and ‘Barred within’; Vanessa Cutler, for ‘Mechanics’, ‘Untitled’ and ‘Chaos’; Rita Neumann, for ‘In use’, ‘The blue rag’ and ‘Worn floor cloth’; Maria Koshenkova, for ‘Norwegian Wood’; Frederik Rombach, for ‘Overall’, ‘CB’, ‘ls’ and ‘Emojipil’; Livvy Fink, for ‘Untitled II’; Maria Bacho, for ‘Liquid Wood II Top Glass’; Aoife Soden, for ‘Cortisol Level-Fight or Flight’; Soden, for ‘Healing Hands’; CGS member Silvia Zimerman, for ‘Fabrics’ and ‘Flying and falling napkins’; Hale Feriha Hendekcigil, for ‘Lost Blue’; Boris Shpeizman, for ‘Pink M16’ and ‘Tears’; Chuchen Song, for ‘Immersing’, ‘Untitled’, ‘Invisible Boundary #2’, ‘Internal/External’ and ‘The Silent Night #3’; Hale, for ‘A thousand eyes’, Ana Laura Quintana, for ‘Reticulate petals’; Feriha, for ‘The Mother’; Maria Bacho, for ‘Diamor’, plus CGS member Juliette Leperlier, for ‘Phloème VIII’.

Ice Age Group glass artworks
Boris Shpeizman’s ‘Ice Age Group’.

The artists listed below won medals in the Sixth Creativity Competition:

These artists all won Bronze medals: Boris Shpeizman, for ‘Ice Age Group’ and ‘Glass Armor’; Teresa Apud, for ‘Nuevo Comienzo’; CGS member Yoshico Okada, for ‘Clair de lune (I)’; CGS member Carole Gray, for ‘Patchwork 1’, plus Tingting Zhao, for ‘Four Treasures of the Study’.

Clair de lune I glass artwork
‘Clair de lune (I)’ by Yoshico Okada.

The Excellence Work medal winners were: Teresa Apud, for ‘Reencuentro’ and ‘Nosotras’; Chuchen Song, for ‘Internal/External’; Calum Dawes, for ‘Spirit Vessel 1’, and Boris Shpeizman, for ‘Ice Age Grasshopper’.

Selected Work medal winners were: Livvy Fink, for ‘Untitled I’; Calum Dawes, for ‘Spirit Vessel 2’; Boris Shpeizman, for ‘Lollipop Man’ and ‘Thompson’; Juliette Leperlier, for ‘Phloème II’ and ‘Phloème IV’; CGS member Yoshico Okada, for ‘Shifting memories IV’ and ‘Distance Between’; Emma Goring, for ‘Sort Sol-Spring’; Hale Feriha Hendekcigil, for ‘Touch’ and ‘Maud Lewis’; Aoife Soden, for ‘Going Under (Dry Drowning)’; Silvia Zimerman, for ‘Circle of Life’ and ‘Folded Shirts’; plus CGS member Carole Gray, for ‘Corona (Chaos)’.

Main feature image: ‘Cicada’ (2021), by Stewart Hearn and Kathryn Hearn, which won the Gold Medal. 

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