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Craft Scotland conference 2022: The Power of Glass

Craft Scotland invites all glass artists and enthusiasts, curators and researchers, to attend its in-person and online ‘The Power of Glass’ conference this November 2022.

On 17 and 18 November 2022 the conference will explore the importance of art glass as a form of social and political commentary. Glass artists, makers, and designers today are employing this visceral medium to explore complex issues and narratives that are pertinent to contemporary society.

The conference programme is guest curated by Dr Jessamy Kelly, Lecturer in Glass at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), and Sarah Rothwell, Senior Curator of Modern & Contemporary Design at National Museums Scotland.

On day one (17 November, 2-5pm) Chris day will present a glassblowing demonstration and social event at ECA. This is now sold out, but you can register to join the waiting list via Eventbrite. More information here. You can also watch the demonstration online via a live stream on the ECA’s Facebook channel.

As well as the demonstration, Chris Day will discuss and investigate the treatment of black people in Britain and the US. Much of his research has focused on the history of the slave trade in the 18th century and the Civil Rights Movement.

Day two (18 November, 9.30am-5.30pm) is a symposium at the National Museum of Scotland, taking place both in person and online.

The symposium will explore identity, social and political thought within art glass.

This symposium brings together artists, makers, and researchers to share knowledge, inspire and educate on topics within art glass that range from diversity, identity, representation, sustainability, and environmental concerns.

Session 1: Equality, Diversity, and Identity explored through Glass Art, with talks by Jeff Zimmer, Chris Day, and Karen Donnellan with Suzanne Peck.

Session 2: Climate Action, Responsible Consumption, and Sustainability in Glass Art and Design, with talks by Pinkie Maclure, Atelier NL and Maria Sparre-Petersen.

Closing Keynote: Dr Max Stewart will discuss how we can ensure the future of glass education for all.

Delegates will hear from leading voices in art glass and access contemporary thought within an underrepresented field of art history. Find out more here.

The symposium at the National Museum of Scotland takes place in the Auditorium, Level 1 (entry via Chambers Street, Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1JF, Scotland).

Book ticket via Eventbrite for the in-person event

Book ticket via Eventbrite for the online event.

Image: Glass art by Maria Sparre-Petersen.

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