News | 02-09-2020

Editor Milly’s leaving gift

When Milly Frances left her role as the extremely capable Editor of the CGS Glass Network magazine in June, the members of committee wanted to show their appreciation of her hard work over 10 years. Knowing she was keen on gardening and nature, the perfect gift was a garden voucher that she could use to buy a tree for her garden.

As Milly comments on her purchase: “This Irish Oak is pretty special on lots of levels:

  1. it reminds me of lovely CGS as it was given to me as a leaving gift (thank you, I never did like carriage clocks);
  2. its resilience gives me hope and
  3. it’s the Best-Looking Oak in The Lane. It’s down by the wildlife pond that is now home to its first frog. How is it possible that I used to be an urbanite?”

Since stepping down from editing Glass Network Milly says she has been both teacher and student, “both online, and both energy-inspiring”.

“All the while CGS has been doing a sterling job helping us convert this bubble of warped time into something creative. Thank you for that and for my special tree,” she concludes.

We wish her well in her future path.

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