Events | 31-10-2023

Glass Art Society Berlin conference update

After reviewing more than 200 proposals for presentations, the Glass Art Society (GAS) team has put together a programme of thought-provoking lectures, cutting-edge demonstrations and lecmos, plus exciting special events for its Berlin, Germany, event (15-18 May 2024). Registration opens on 13 November 2023.

“We are excited to host the GAS Conference in Berlin,” said GAS Executive Director Brandi P Clark. “This year’s theme is Where Art and Design Meet, and no city exemplifies that quite like Berlin. As GAS continues to expand its international engagement, we felt it was really important to host the 2024 conference in Europe.”

“To give our community more opportunities to connect organically while enjoying the conference, we are including interactive programming daily during a new midday pause in the schedule,” said Jennifer Hand, GAS conference manager. “Each day will have its own theme, including education and glass institutions, self-care and mental health, and career and small business development.” Additionally, there will be child-centred programming for attendees who bring their families along.

There are 50+ presentations lined up, including: The Lathe Riders, an international cold working team; Jahday Ford will combine ancient Roman blow mould techniques with contemporary technology like water-jet cutting in the hot shop; Silvia Levenson will deliver this year’s Littleton Lecture, musing on her career as a socially-engaged maker focusing on refugees, women and war, plus Ivan Bestari Minar Pradipta will demonstrate how he creates sculptural forms at the torch using recycled glass, no annealers and minimal equipment.

Important dates:

13 November  Conference registration, call for exhibitions, scholarship applications and GAS Market booth registration open

1 December Last guaranteed day to book your room at the official conference hotel

12 January Early bird registration closes

4 February Call for exhibitions closes

11 February Scholarship applications close, work exchange registration closes

1 April GAS Market booth registration closes

1 May Online registration closes (but you can still register on-site in Berlin).

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