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Glass masterclasses at the Glass Hub 2020 & 2021

A selection of exciting glass courses is on offer at the Glass Hub in Wiltshire, UK, in the closing months of 2020 and into 2021. Why not book a class with an expert glassmaker and give yourself something to look forward to that will also enhance your skills? Have a look at the choices below:

8 to 11 October 2020: Experimenting with Colour Dropouts with Ruth Shelley

14 to 16 October 2020: Advanced Pattern Making in Glass Masterclass with Ian Chadwick

8 to 9 November 2020: Colour and Form Masterclass with Katherine Huskie

11 to 13 November 2020: Fusing Doesn’t have to be Flat with Nina Casson McGarva

20 to 22 January 2021: Form to Fuse Masterclass with Andrea Spencer

1 to 5 February 2021: Flexible Fusing Masterclass with Matthew Szösz

8 to 12 February 2021: Advanced Pattern Making in Glass Masterclass with Ian Chadwick

2 to 5 March 2021: Collage for Kiln Casting with Georgia Redpath

12 to 14 March 2021: Hot Glass Sculpture with James Devereux

30 March to 1 April 2021: Graal Masterclass with Sonja Klingler & Ruth Dresman

21 to 23 April 2021: Printing Techniques for Glass with Philippa Beveridge

14 to 16 May 2021: Fusing with the ‘Wow’ Factor with Opal Seabrook

25 to 28 May 2021: Kiln Casting Glass Masterclass with Fiaz Elson

11 to 17 September 2021: The Perfect Vessel Masterclass with Karl Harron

29 September – 1 October 2021: Follow the Torch – Hot Glass Masterclass with Elliot Walker

14 to 17 October 2021: The Freedom of the ‘One-Off’ – Ice Casting Masterclass with Joseph Harrington

In addition to these classes, the Glass Hub has a programme of courses for less advanced students. All classes will be run in accordance with COVID-19 regulations. Find out more via the website:

Photo: Colony of Colonies by Georgia Redpath; Photo Credit: Simon Bruntnell.

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