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In the Making exhibition at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

Launching on 14 January 2023, the In the Making exhibition at Denmark’s Glasmuseet Ebeltoft showcases the creative processes of 10 younger glass artists.

The exhibition explains how wild ideas are transformed into artistic reality. Alongside this, visitors will have the opportunity to be creative, with three lucky visitors having their drawings transformed into glass in the museum’s studio.

The artists represented present a wide range of works on many themes, from experimental and material-based practices with Ida Wieth and Johanne Jahncke, to studies of expressions of nature and raw materials with Morten Klitgaard and Lise Eggers.

Karen Nyholm creates figurative stories about magical beings, Aoife Soden dives into maritime symbols and sailor tattoos, while Marie Retpen explores the imperfect body. Meanwhile, Jonas Noël Niedermann plays with the optical qualities of glass, Bjørn Friborg works with sculptural ‘implosions’, and Tobias Sode throws himself into new artistic expressions based on the Tetris computer game.

Chalk drawings and notes on blackboards convey the artistic process and give visitors an insight into sources of inspiration, considerations, experiments and methods. In many glass studios, artists draw sketches with chalk before starting to work with the hot glass. This method of communication is also designed to inspire the audience to engage creatively in the exhibition and make their own chalk drawings.

The artists in the exhibition have all received the Finn Lynggaard Grant, which has been awarded by The Finn Lynggaard Foundation annually since 2010, when the founder of the glass museum, Finn Lynggaard, was 80.

The award has provided a grant to a practising glass artist every year on Finn Lynggaard’s birthday to be used for further education or a study trip.

In the Making marks the closure of The Finn Lynggaard Foundation.

The exhibition is on until 16 April 2023.

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft is at Strandvejen 8, DK-8400 Ebeltoft, Denmark.

Find out more via the website.

Image: Ida Wieth demonstrating her making process. Photo: Kåre Viemose.

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