Courses | 24-04-2023

Learn pâte de verre with Anne Petters

Glass artist Anne Petters is running a course called ‘Glass Sculpture: an Introduction to Pâte-de-Verre’, suitable for all abilities, in London from 3-7 July 2023.

The French term ‘pâte de verre’ translates as ‘glass paste’. Glass powders and frits (crushed glass) are mixed with a medium to a paste that can then be applied to flat and hollow moulds and fused in the kiln, at about 700°C, to take the shape.

Anne Petters’ course will explore the pâte de verre process and participants will be able to make their own small, unique objects using this ancient glassmaking technique. Using a variety of mould-making materials, drawings, writing and texture can be transferred onto the glass. Flat and hollow plaster/Molochite moulds will be created, onto which glass frits and powders will be fused.

Further manipulation of the shape can be achieved by slumping and forming methods.

Participants will finish the course with a selection of beautiful and unique sculptural glass artworks to take home.

The 5-day course for adults is part of the Summer School programme at the City & Guilds of London Art School, at 124 Kennington Park Road, London SE11 4DJ, from 3-7 July 2023 from 10am to 5pm.

Find out more and book via this link.

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