Exhibitions | 29-12-2023

Open call for engraving exhibition

The Glass Factory in Sweden is hosting an exhibition of glass engraving that will celebrate both historical and contemporary works of glass, alongside workshops and demonstrations.

The venue is inviting glass artists to submit glass pieces that incorporate cutting and engraving for the contemporary part of the exhibition, which is called ‘At The Tip Of The Wheel’.

Simon Gate’s famous Bacchus Bowl or Kosta’s famous crystal Tsar’s Bowl could not be made today. There are very few who possess the necessary knowledge today, plus some of the equipment that was used is only preserved in museums. Therefore, At The Tip of The Wheel aims to raise the profile of these at-risk techniques, through a blended historical and contemporary exhibition, complemented with workshops and demonstrations.

The exhibition will bring together historical cut glass objects from the museum collection and contemporary glassworks that incorporate cutting and engraving.

The open call is for the contemporary portion of the show, with objects that utilise at-risk historical cutting and engraving techniques the focus, though the open call is not limited to particular techniques.

The application deadline is 15 January 2024 and the exhibition will take place from 22 June to 31 October 2024.

Anyone interested in submitting work to the exhibition should email a single PDF with the following information to: max.syron@theglassfactory.se

  • Up to 5 works, Maximum 10 photos total
  • Short description of submitted works with dimensions (200 characters
  • Biography and short description of artistic practice (300 characters), plus link to further information (website etc).

The deadline for work to arrive in Sweden is 1 May 2024 and exhibitors must organise their own shipping. Shipping expenses will be covered by The Glass Factory, which will confer with all selected artists about shipping methods. Works outside of Europe are size limited to regular post – no pallet-sized shipments.

The cutting and engraving workshops and demonstrations will take place during the exhibition period, mainly held by The Latheriders, an international contemporary coldworking collective.

Anyone interested in participating in a workshop or leading a demo/workshop, should indicate this in their application.

Location: The Glass Factory, Storgatan 5, 361 97 Boda Glasbruk, Sweden. https://www.theglassfactory.se

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