Exhibitions | 31-05-2023

S12 Gallery’s Young & Loving exhibition opens

Norway’s S12 Gallery is celebrating the work of new graduates and emerging artists in its ‘Young & Loving!’ exhibition, which is on until 30 July 2023.

‘Young & Loving’ is described as a humorous translation of ‘young and promising’, pointing to the exhibition’s focus on new artists. An exploratory approach to glass as part of an artistic expression is a particular feature of this exhibition, which has been held annually since 2007, apart from a break of a few years recently.

Glass has an incredible ability to transform and renew itself. It can be shaped both cold and hot. It is neither liquid nor solid, but shares properties from both states. Glass can be transparent, reflect, transmit or absorb light. This broad range in the material is also reflected in this year’s exhibition, which represents a diversity of expressions, where themes such as emotions, form and cultural identity are examined from each individual’s unique perspective.

The artists participating are Charlotte Avigail Jutrem Cohen (NO/ISR), Marie Breyen Hauschildt (DK), Suh Moon Ju (KR), Joshua Kerley (GB), Maria Helena Nerhus (NO) and Kwun Lan Wong (HK).

Joshua Kerley makes objects that are inherently un-glasslike and aims to reassess the traditional perceptions of glass technically, aesthetically, and materially. His works transcend traditional boundaries, arouse curiosity, and challenge the viewer’s comprehension of the material world.

Marie Breyen Hauschildt has been working with the words ‘something that comes out of something’, investigating shapes and stories that mimic the transformations of something that moves from one place to another. The result is a series of abstract sculptures that almost resemble living creatures.

S12 Gallery is at Bontelabo 2, 5003 Bergen, Norway. Find out more via the website.

Image: (left) work by Joshua Kerley and (right) sculptures by Marie Breyen Hauschildt.

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