Octopus vessels by Simone Crestani
Exhibitions | 23-02-2022

Simone Crestani pays homage to Murano in solo show

Italian glassmaker, Simone Crestani will be holding a solo exhibition of his ‘Façon de Venise’ collection at the Scene Ouverte gallery in Paris in March. This show is his tribute to the historical techniques of glass on the island of Murano.

In a universe inspired by the majestic power of nature, Crestani’s work combines tradition and modernity. The forms of the past find new life in a contemporary craft. His research into historic Venetian techniques has led him to celebrate history with works exuding a timeless elegance.

Crestani pushes the technical and artistic boundaries of his discipline, without ever forgetting that art and history are intimately linked. Glass is the very subject of his works. In his creations, the utilitarian aspect fades and gives way to sculptural forms.

At the age of 15, Crestani began an apprenticeship in a glass workshop and discovered a deep bond with glass. He worked as an artisan for a long time to perfect his skills. Today, he creates artistic works in his eco-sustainable studio that respects the environment.

See the exhibition from 10 March to 30 April 2022 at Galerie Scene Ouverte, 72 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris, France. Website: http://galerie-sceneouverte.com/en/

Simone Crestani glas vessel
One of the objects in the exhibition will be Crestani’s covered goblet, ‘Metamorfosi’. This unique piece uses colourless, mould-blown glass and features a baluster stem and a handle with a beetle, as shown in this detail shot. Photo: Alberto Parise.

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Main image: A collection of Crestani’s vessels featuring stems with knops and applied sculpted octopuses. Shown: a flute made of transparent, black glass; two transparent, black glass goblets, and a ‘Veronese’-style vase of transparent black glass.Photo:

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