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Take part in CGS members’ postcard exhibition at IFOG 2024

As many of you know, the Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) has been involved with the International Festival of Glass (IFOG) since its inception. As 2024 marks the last festival to be held at the Ruskin Glass Centre in Stourbridge, before the Glass Art Society takes over for the 2026 event, the theme of the regular CGS open exhibition will be ‘Thanks for the Memory’.

The exhibition will be on show at the IFOG from 23 August to 28 September 2024 and is sponsored by Mark Holford and Alan J Poole.

“As our time at the Ruskin Centre comes to an end and we look forward to the next era of the Festival, let’s celebrate the amazing journey we have all had,” says CGS chair, Susan Purser Hope. “Memories are magical moments that we treasure, so join us in our last Postcard Show at this venue and create a small treasure full of memories.”

CGS members are invited to be part of a fantastic and fun fundraising show. This exhibition always gains a great deal of coverage and many pieces are sold.

‘Thanks for the Memory’ is an unselected show open to all CGS members worldwide. However, space is limited, so acceptance is on a first come, first served basis, until the maximum number that can be displayed is reached.

To confirm your place, you need to fill in a registration form by 31 March 2024. The actual work must be delivered at the beginning of August 2024. Register via this link.

The brief:

Make a piece of glass no more than 15 x 11 cm in any direction and less that 2 cm deep.

Pieces will be shown in display cases in the Ruskin Centre, Stourbridge, resting on small shelves. Please note, lighting is restricted.

To make it fun and challenging, all pieces of work will be sold for £50, £75 or £100, with the artists retaining 50% of the sale price.

CGS members should email images of work to: admin@cgs.org.uk as soon as they are available, as these will be used to promote the event.

In addition, there will be prizes:

The People’s Prize – £300, sponsored by Mark Holford.

Best in Show – £300, sponsored by Alan J Poole.

2 x Runner’s Up – £100 each, sponsored by Mark Holford.

If you are not yet a member of CGS and would like to take part in this exhibition, why not join now?

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