Competition | 22-04-2023

Winners of glass engraving prizes announced

The Guild of Glass Engravers has announced the winners of the Making Your Mark exhibition of student work. The prestigious David Peace Prize of £500 goes to Moonju Suh, with two Emerging Artist prizes of £200 awarded to Miriam Witthaut and Rimona-Ruth Kogan.

Speaking about her winning piece ‘Happiness Diary (6)’, Moonju Suh said, “I believe people often hide their true emotions and personalities. There are many reasons for people hiding their true feelings. But, I argue, one of the most plausible reasons could be that none of us willingly expose their weakness or vulnerabilities. For example, in my case, I hide my anger when I feel angry or upset because of the societal fear of being judged by others as a social pariah behaviour. The glass dolls in my artwork ‘Happiness Dairy’ visualise my angers that are caused by different situations.”

The images on each head and body of the doll are hand cut onto vinyl, sandblasted and then cameo engraved. Each piece is 16cm tall.

German-based Mirium Witthaut’s piece is called ‘Five to Twelve’ and represents global warming. Mirium states, “You see the lonely polar bear on an ice floe that has broken out and below him the raging sea. We must not ignore the signs and have to act as fast as possible!”

‘Five to Twelve’ by Mirium Witthaut. Photo: Dong Min Lee and Josef Reitberger

Rimona-Ruth Kogan’s ‘Mount Nysa II’ is a cubism-inspired interpretation of her first competition piece ‘Mount Nysa’. It depicts the Greek myth of Dionysus, showing him hiding away inside Mount Nysa, his relationship with death, rebirth and his father Zeus, she explains.

‘Mount Nysa II’. Photo: Christoph Hagedorn

View all the Making Your Mark competition entries on the Guild of Glass Engravers’ website here.

Main image: ‘Happiness Diary (6)’ by Moonju Suh. Photo by the artist

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