Louisa Raven Glass

Sarah Woods

Eva Edery

Lynn Purcell

I get my inspiration from my surroundings and indeed from the glass itself. I am fascinated by the way this material behaves at different temperatures, be it in sheet frit or powdered form, and like to experiment with various combinations of size, thickness and temperature, exploring colour, opacity and texture. This interaction of creativity with science, often exploiting chance whilst still maintaining control, makes glass such a magical medium to work with. Consequently, each of my pieces is totally unique!

I have been fortunate enough to have my work selected for several juried Open Art Exhibitions in London and the South West including the RSMA, the RBA and the RWA. I also invite people to view my work during Hampshire Open Studios.

Reiko Ralph

Fusing Glass: Using powder with multiple firings for a depth, colour and texture in land and sea scapes panels also love Pate de Verre work. As a project – Crackle Textured Glass, Drop Out Vases, Pate de Verre Bowls, Tapestry Glass learnt from Zoom course.
Copper Foiled Stained Glass: Grand Pianos, Kaleidoscopes.

Louisa Sullivan


Jyoti Hawley

I take my inspiration from the natural world to produce simple and beautiful designs, flowers, trees and oceans are all captured in my work. I am drawn more to 3D sculptural pieces as I enjoy the challenge of making something unique and the opportunity it offers to learn more about glass fusing as I go.
For my last ‘fun’ creation, the Poppy vitigraph bowl, I repurposed a small kiln to pull vitigraph and built up the bowl in layers with hand cut poppies to give it strength.
My current work involves making reusable casting moulds of leaves which when cast can then be incorporated into my work.

Linda Sheldon

My artwork is primarily stained glass in copper foil and lead came. My passion is working with clients to bring our ideas to life in a colourful, meaningful way.

Robin Hoerth

I’d like to believe that we have the power to make today better than yesterday, to focus not on adversity, but what we will achieve in the future. Holding on to the part of you who sees a brighter tomorrow, your child-like perception of the world, informs the narrative of the representational compositions of my work. I primarily use flameworking and the lost wax casting technique to create my pieces.