World country:Hungary

Technique:Casting, Kiln work, Painting


Discipline:Architectural, Installation, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Techniques

Product:Architectural, Sculpture, Windows


instagram: birgitkoeblitz_glass_art
facebook: Birgit Köblitz

Birgit Köblitz

Glass defines my everyday life, influences the way I see things and urges me to change, and I am interested in these special moments and changes. I would like to grab them as they rhytmically meander into each other and to share these experiences with others so they can feel them too. I am interested mainly in the transparency of glass, as its unstoppable strength iswoken up by the colours that run through it. I like the dialogue with the materialas its condition, its surface and transparency changes when it warms up and then it returns, freezes into a picture full of the experiences of all the changes it went through. For this I find decorative elements, drawings and figures and thenplace them into exciting compositions.

In my latest creations I playfully combine different techniques with which I reach newforms of expressions, although the arch motif is an always returning metaphor.Under the arches protected, above the arches floating. In front of the gates, waiting …on waving ground … on winding roads … – the world is colorful and sometimes the gray shades are fetching. This is a well-known, recurring story that stillhides so many interesting discoveries.0My pictures, objects and installations tell about light and shadow, contrast and harmony, about humans and their relationships. My creations (works) suggest the surprises and unexpected turns of life, and they let space for imagination through theirspecial light of the medium glass.

Princess , Benedek Bognar

Sun-Bow , Eva MFodor

The inner life of a wave , Peter Botos

King , M. Fodor Eva

Marine , M. Fodor Eva

Dreamer , Benedek Bognar

Gate of Longing , Eva MFodor

The sound of water , Benedek Bognar

The passage , M. Fodor Eva