World country:Israel

Technique:Hot glass, Kiln work


Discipline:Architectural, Decorative, Design

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Networking, Techniques

Product:Architectural, Commission, Design/ Functional/ interiors, Fine Art, Sculptural, Sculpture, Wall pieces



Fanny Finchelman

Having worked as an architect and town planner for many, many years, I keep from my profession the curiosity to delve into new materials, and the fascination to combine different techniques to obtain new results with these materials. And so it is that I arrived to glass, first as a hobby, but then more as a way of life. Because glass is fascinating. Basically made of just sand (silica), glass is unique. It is transparency, it is opacity, it is colorless and at the same time colorful, it is light and reflection, stiff yet flexible. A whole world in a piece of “sand”. So, playing with those qualities became MY world. Because I get bored really quickly with predictable results, I like to play experimenting with the combination of techniques, enjoying the creative process and the Ooohhhhs! of the amazing different and innovative results obtained. I now make glass pieces for sale, take commissions and run workshops in my studio in Kfar Saba and online. When you buy or commission an art piece from me, you can be sure that that piece will unique, tailor-made to suit and enhance your home.

My recent projects deeply relate to experimenting and finding new ways to express and renew myself as a curious, always renewing artist

Ivory Coral , Fanny Finchelman

Spring Blossoms , Fanny Finchelman

Blue Sun , Fanny Finchelman

Flower of Hope , Fanny Finchelman

Arco Iris , Fanny Finchelman

Moon Shadow , Fanny Finchelman

She & He , Fanny Finchelman

Peace NOW , Fanny Finchelman