Region:East of England

Technique:Kiln work


Discipline:Fine art, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Advertising, Competitions, Conferences, Education, Exhibition, Manufacturing, Marketing, Networking, Publications, Sponsorship, Supplies, Technical queries, Techniques, Workshops

Country:United Kingdom

Adriana Garcia

Adriana has a degree in Fine Art from the university of Hertfordshire and it was towards her last year at university 2012 that she started to work with glass fusion. She also has taken glass fusion courses in Italy and UK with well stablished glass artists in order to apply the kiln form techniques in her work.

Adriana’s work is made mainly with bullseye glass by using glass powders(frits), cutting and fusing the glass into a kiln formed. A strong characteristic in the artist’s work is the use of layers and movement. With the intention of explore the fragile nature and at the same time the strong side of glass, she searches through the boundaries of the material with the intention of providing meaning to the piece and focusing in exploring the static nature of the material.

Another interesting characteristic in the artist’s work is the use of drift wood. It is by combining glass and drift wood that she tries to portray and complement her pieces with the intention to capture nature and life in the organic aspect of the material.

wild Flower , Garcia Adriana

Installation of flowers , Garcia Adriana

Just a Flower , Garcia Adriana

Riding , Adriana Garcia

Lembrança , Garcia Adriana

Wood , Garcia Adriana

Thinking beyond the sea , Garcia Adriana

wild Flower , Garcia Adriana

Hose’s , Garcia Adriana