Technique:Casting, Hot glass, Kiln work

Occupation:Artist, Educator

Discipline:Fine art, Installation, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Education, Exhibition, Publications

Product:Fine Art, Installations, Sculpture

Country:United States

Hillary Heckard

As a mixed media artist, Hillary Heckard creates installations, sculpture and digital art centered on the idea of impermanence and how it relates to the contemporary human condition. Heckard was born and raised in Northern California. She attended the University of Oregon in 2004 and received her Bachelor of Art degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Ethnomusicology in 2008. She went on to receive a second Bachelor of Fine Art degree with a focus in glass at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2012. In 2016 she was given a full tuition scholarship to attend Alfred University as an MFA student. Heckard received her Master of Fine Art degree in Sculpture Dimensional studies in 2018. She has exhibited in the US and internationally at the following institutions: the University of Hawai'i at Manoa Art Gallery, Commons Gallery, 'Iolani Gallery, The Arts at Marks Garage, The Glass Furnace, Chrysler Museum of Art Perry Glass Studio, Portsmouth Museum, D' Art Center, The Charles H. Taylor Art Center, Suffolk Art Gallery, Heller Gallery, The Belfry, Manifest Gallery, LACDA Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, Turner Gallery, Gallery 1060, Switzer Gallery, CICA Museum, and the Las Laguna Gallery, in Laguna Beach California. Currently, Heckard works internationally in both the U.S. and Italy.

Pronouns She/Her
As a mixed media artist, I create installations, sculpture and digital art centered on the idea of impermanence and how it relates to our contemporary human condition. I utilize geometric and abstracted forms of Light, shape, space, movement, and sound to challenge people’s perspective. Incorporating interactive elements into my art allows me to create a specific encounter with the viewer. This encounter is meant to engage and activate a visceral and physical awareness that looks into different facets of the human psyche. I strive to develop an internal and external dialogue of collective identity and awareness by intersecting our spaces of existence within the unknown. The unknown are voids and spaces that we get glimpses of which exist but are not defined. These are the spaces of intrigue and infinite possibility.

Beneath The White Sands Installation

Glass Cocoon Woven Sphere

Detail of Beneath the white Sands


Detail of Neon Light of Diametric Luminous

Beneath The White Sands Installation

Glass Wrapped Suspend Cone

When The Day Turns into Night

Diametric Luminous