Region:East Midlands

Technique:Cold work, Kiln work, Leaded and stained


Discipline:Decorative, Jewellery

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition

Country:United Kingdom

Paul Mellor

I have lived and worked in and around the Derbyshire Peak district all my life. The Peak's constantly changing views and spectacular scenery through the seasons gives me inspiration for my art and glass work. The use of glass is a very complex, ever- changing scenario with the constant emergence of new challenging techniques creating a fascinating and fresh outlook for practitioners.

I work in foiled and leaded stained glass along with kiln work. I am particularly interested in imagery on glass, be it kiln fired, hand etched or printed, and the use of gold leaf. As a member of the CGS I have taken part in many of the juried online exhibitions and have displayed pieces at the International Festivals of Glass in Stourbridge on multiple occasions. I have been selected and commended for the major city and county art exhibitions around the Peak district including a small glass etched copper and woven silk button for the Macclesfield Silk Museum. I also exhibited a vase in the CGS Vessels exhibition at the Vessel gallery in London.

Fledgling , Paul Mellor

Brutalist Reflection , Paul Mellor

Silk Museum Button entry

Glacier my entry for the Transparency exhibition

Arboresence for the Printed possibilities exhibition