Region:South West England

Technique:Flame working

Occupation:Artist, Educator

Discipline:Jewellery, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Marketing, Networking

Product:Commission, Design/ Functional/ interiors, Jewellery, Sculptural, Wall pieces

Country:United Kingdom

Penny Carter

Contemporary hand made glass beads. I create each bead individually in a flame, they then grow into unique pieces of jewellery. I started out as a glass blower and have gradually began working in a smaller scale to work more intricately with colour. Enjoying superposing the light of juicy transparent glass, and the deep pithy intensity of opaque colours. By peeling through these layers its possible to create edible fruit like seeds - chilli pepper and pomegranate, kiwi and prickly pear....spikey gooseberry or peppery damson.

I am exploring scale and the environment. Currently working on both blown and lamp worked glass. From blowing intricate glass bubbles on a torch, to lamp working spikes on large furnace blown bubbles. I am interested in scale and have been translating small scale jewellery designs into large blown bead columns. Dimensions range from 5cm cornichon earrings to 1m50 cactus spikes, garden sculptures.

lightpainting 1 , Penny Carter

Spotty potts , Penny Carter

Circus Ring , Penny Carter

Cactus flower , Penny Carter

Lightpainting 11 , Penny Carter

Mini Spotty potts , Penny Carter

Hot Prickly Pear , Penny Carter

Glass ferns , Penny Carter