Region:North East England

Technique:Cold work, Hot glass


Discipline:Decorative, Design, Fine art, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Networking, Publications, Sponsorship, Technical queries, Techniques

Country:United Kingdom

Phil Vickery

Phil Vickery is an international artist living and working in the North East of the UK who, in 2009, won the Renwick Award for Distinction in Glass in Washington DC, and in 2011 was chosen for one of five Honorary Diplomas of the Jutta Cuny - Franz Foundation, Germany.

His work involves two representational concepts; one around the natural power behind thought, human nature, and how the subconscious is woven into this equation and relationship. And another, an evolution of technique representing nature, life, energy, and movement; gathered upon over and over again to make the internal twisting more encased inside clear glass to form an aesthetic of maelstroms in water.

Vortex Sculpture, slate. , Jo Howell Photography

Anxious Dreams. , Jo Howell Photography

Cut Vortex Pod. , Jo Howell Photography

Morning Thoughts. , Jo Howell Photography

Cut Vortex Sculptures. , Jo Howell Photography

Cut Vortex Pods. , Jo Howell Photography

Gold Vortex Pods. , Jo Howell Photography

Reminiscence Thoughts. , Jo Howell Photography

Helix Sculpture. , Jo Howell Photography

Recurring Dreams. , Jo Howell Photography