Region:West Midlands

Technique:Casting, Hot glass, Kiln work

Occupation:Artist, Student

Discipline:Decorative, Fine art, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Technical queries, Techniques

Country:United Kingdom

Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts completed his MA in Design & Applied Arts (glass) at Wolverhampton University in 2014 and was later Artist in Residence there in 2015/16. Previously he’d spent two years at the International Glass Centre at Dudley College on a 3D glass course, and then on the Associateship in glass, where he's now returned to pursue glass blowing.

Glass blowing is now my primary glass practice having specialised in kiln cast glass sculptures; this is fitting, as it was glass blowing that inspired me to enter the field of glass in the first place. My glass blowing is a complete antithesis with the often obsession with perfection, repetition, and the overt display of technical ability for its own sake, or all three at the same time, that’s so prevalent in the area of glass. I like to embrace the unpredictability and chance that glass blowing can give while it’s a hot malleable medium. This helps to make each of my pieces unique and almost impossible to repeat – an antidote to the ‘digital’ and the factory made. I introduce bubbles as a means of highlighting the essential reflective quality of glass. Different coloured elements are suspended at different layers to enhance depth and a sculptural quality, and to indicate where there was once movement in its wrestled creation. The finished piece is a time capsule of when it was alive, in flux and a liquid form. I relish the tension & drama between what control and technical ability I have, and what the glass would prefer to do by its own accord!

Flying-Fish-Man , Simon Bruntnell

Aquatic Tondo 1 , Simon Bruntnell

RRB115 , Richard Roberts

'An Encounter of Curiosity' Kiln cast glass. , Simon Bruntnell

Blown piece with bubbles, circular stringers, copper wire and metallic surface stringers. , Richard Roberts

Siren & Triton , Simon Bruntnell

RRB122 , Richard Roberts

Blown piece with bubbles, stringers and metallic trail. , Richard Roberts

Three Bowls. Bullseye glass with onglaze enamels. , Richard Roberts