Country:United Kingdom

County:Argyll and Bute

Sarah Woods

I work in mixed media on glass and I try to create an uplifting, inspiring and joyous effect as light shines through and brings the colours to life. All of my work is entirely hand etched and painted so no two pieces will ever be identical – each panel is individual and unique. I’m inspired by nature, but am also influenced by books from my childhood and the magic and mystery they evoked – hidden treasure, secret doorways to strange new worlds and the adventures beyond… I try to capture that in my art, after all what is life without a wee bit of magic? I spend my time between my family home in Linlithgow and my seafront home in Dunoon, on the West Coast. I’m incredibly lucky in that both places are beautiful and inspirational in different ways, and I try to capture this in my artwork.

Through the Porthole , Sarah Woods

The Kraken , Sarah Woods

Hedgerow , Sarah Woods