Region:East of England

Technique:Cold work, Hot glass

Occupation:Artist, Gallery

Discipline:Decorative, Design, Fine art

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Manufacturing

Country:United Kingdom

Stewart Hearn

Stewart Hearn is a master glassmaker, graduating from Sunderland Polytechnic in 1986, he has taken London Glassworks from strength to strength since it's inception in 2002. Stewarts' designs have a studied balance of form, colour, translucency and weight that show tacit knowledge, command and someone at ease with an ancient craft.

As a recognised and accomplished glass artist Stewart is able to focus on limited edition and unique pieces which is what he enjoys making the most. In addition to this work, he produces glass for a range of customers and in various capacities.

Zephyr Candlesticks , Simon Camper

Oval Encalmo , Photograph by Stewart Hearn

Westmorland Lamps , Photograph by Simon Camper

Stewart Hearn Profile Picture , Photograph by Nick Hand

Stellar Wine Glasses , Photograph by Stewart Hearn

Carousel , Photograph by Paul Chave

Melon Vases , Photograph by Vessel Gallery

Ely Chandelier , Photograph by Simon Camper