Region:Greater London

Technique:Hot glass, Kiln work


Discipline:Decorative, Functional, Public art

Areas of Interest:Conferences, Networking, Supplies

Country:United Kingdom

Michaela Youngson

I've been fusing glass since 2012, mostly making gifts for friends and family but I have been privileged to complete a number of commissions. I am based in North West London. I enjoy learning new techniques and playing with colour and the chemistry of the glass. I'm a Methodist Minister, author, broadcaster and one day will make more time for my work with glass.

In March 2020, (just before lockdown) I exhibited ‘Acts of Uncreation’ – six pieces, each representing an aspect of the damage done by human beings to the environment. The installation was part of an event called ‘Rebellion and Renewal’ considering faith, politics and environment. The pieces will go on to permanent display at the Chapel in Methodist Church House, London. I also have ‘Crown of Thorns’ on display at Wesley House, Cambridge. I’m currently working on a commission to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Methodist Women in Britain.

Acts of Uncreation - Melting Ice Caps , Robert Youngson

Crown of Thorns - Detail , Sandy Youngson

Acts of Uncreation - Deforestation , Robert Youngson

Acts of Uncreation - Global Warming , Robert Youngson