Books | 28-05-2024

Latest Glasshouse Book of Angels published

The publisher of Glasshouse – the International Magazine of Studio Glass, Dr Wolfgang Schmölders, has launched the eighth edition of the free online ‘Glasshouse Book of Angels’.

The digital book features a diverse range of images of both 2D and 3D glass angels created by international glass artists, with additional contributions from Ursula Huth and Hartmann Greb, as well as the commentary, ‘Excursus: The topicality of angels’, on page 69.

The publication extends to over 80 pages and is presented in both German and English. Read it online via this link.

Dr Schmölders welcomes submissions of further entries of photos of glass angels for the publication, which is constantly being updated. Contact email:

Image: ‘West Angel’ (2008) by Mark Angus. Photo: Mark Angus.

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