Fundraising | 30-10-2023

Support kids’ glass fusing project

Berlin Glas in Germany is looking for donations to keep its mobile glass fusing programme running for children aged 8-18. The studio has worked with schools, youth organisations, and refugee homes across Berlin.

The children are taught how to decorate a glass plate with layers of coloured glass that are then fired overnight at 780°C and turned into a colourful artwork.

However, sometimes accessibility has been a problem. In January 2017, a refugee home in Bernau, a suburb of Berlin, asked whether Berlin Glas could bring the materials to their facility. The team found an old suitcase, filled it with what was needed, and went to the refugee home. The workshop was so successful, that they decided to build a cart, lovingly named the Kiez Mobil.

The Kiez Mobil project has been underway since October 2017 and the goal is to offer two workshops a month. This requires a stock of clear and coloured glass, new cutters and tubs for storing glass, the energy costs for the kiln, subway and bus tickets for the instructors, and the instructor’s fee.

Berlin Glas is inviting donations so that children can continue to have this unique opportunity to work with glass.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the campaign and wanting to donate, please visit the Betterplace website.

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