CGS Online Exhibition Circle of Life

CGS Online Exhibition
Circle of Life
From 6th May 2014

 From the smallest microbe to the biggest animal on earth - the Antarctic blue whale – we all experience the cycle of life from birth through to death.  Shakespeare wrote about the 7 ages of man - the infant, the schoolboy, the lover, the soldier, the justice, the pantaloon, and old age.
The rhythm of life has a powerful beat, 37 CGS members show us their journey through the natural world – even their glass pieces go through a cycle of creation!

Visit HERE to see the amazing work of 37 artists, most pieces are for sale, to buy work please contact the artists directly.
Elena Fleury- Rojo – Message in a Bottle


Lynda Addison, Janine Altman, Emma Butler-Cole Aiken,
Teresa Chlapowsk, Lisa Coles, Karina Del Savio, Laura Dutton,
Keith Dymond, Anna Eggert, Rachel Mary Elliott, Elena Fleury-Rojo, Una Galbraith, Hannah Gibson, Jianyong Guo, Steven Graham, Tali Grinshpan, Suzy Hannabuss Julia Hayward, Clare Hepworth-Wain, Oriel Hicks, Robin Hoerth, Jennifer Anne Kelly, Laura Kriefman, Emma Mayle, Tony Ovenell, Lynn Purcell, Tami Rauch, Elaine Rettger, Moira Robinson, Michelle Ryan.
 Mariana Sabbatella, Ruth Shelley, Katherine Stephenson, Nancy Sutcliffe, Jane Vincent, Brian Waugh, Sarah Wilkinson,

Teresa Chlapowsk- View for my window

Oriel Hicks- Puffin



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