Vacancy: Glass School Internship 2024/25

The Glass Hub Internship is an educational work placement opportunity suitable for individuals looking to gain experience in glassmaking and glass education, alongside developing their own work in a well-equipped glass studio. The successful applicant will experience a variety of roles that will include ‘glass technician’ and ‘glass teaching assistant’. They will be trained in the operation and maintenance of glassmaking equipment as well as undertake real-world experience in the operation of a busy glass school. They should have a grounding in glass, interested in developing new glass techniques and skills, and they need to be motivated and interested in making their own work to supplement their income.

The applicant will be given studio time to practice and develop their own work (negotiable depending on hours in training). They will also have health and safety training and the opportunity to attend specialist glassmaking courses for personal creative development throughout their internship. As part of their training, interns can expect to handle many day-to-day responsibilities such as equipment maintenance and cleaning. They will be dealing with the general public and are therefore expected to be enthusiastic about engaging with people.

Applicants should have a strong work ethic and are expected to be self-motivated both on and off the clock. Interns are encouraged to participate in classes either as teachers, teaching assistants or students depending on their interests and abilities.

This internship may be suited to students who have completed their undergraduate study in glass (BA) and are looking to gain professional studio experience while developing their own work.

Closing Date for Applications:  Monday 20th May.

Full details on application process HERE: The-Glass-Hub-Internship-2024-25



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