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14 Members exhibit their work for our Winter Show highlighting just the breadth of work across glass platforms that the CGS promotes.

Melting Point - An Exhibition of Contemporary Glass at the Pyramid Gallery, York Saturday 12th September - Sunday 2nd November 2009 at the Pyramid Gallery, 43 Stonegate, York, YO1 8AW.

For further information contact: Pam Reekie at admin@cgs.org.uk or visit www.pyramidgallery.com or Telephone number:+ 44 (0)1603 501843.

The Contemporary Glass Society and Cambridge Galleries are delighted to present Reflexivity. This is an online representation of the exhibition which is open 16th July - 29th August at Cambridge Galleries, High Street, Whittlesford, Cambridge. Tel 01223 836394. The pieces were chosen through a juried process. Submissions were invited from new and emerging artists. The goal was to gather a collection of pieces that demonstrate innovation, creativity and originality in the field of glass art. The outstanding results surpassed expectations and the exhibition is a stunning representation of the highest quality of contemporary artists working in this exciting medium.

UNPOLISHED HIGHLIGHTS OF THE ONLINE EXHIBITION OF EXPERIMENTAL GLASS JEWELLERY Here we are proud to show you our latest exhibition, Unpolished: Experimental Glass Jewellery, curated by Candice Elena Greer. Twenty eight artists from all over the world were selected to reflect innovative practice in the making of glass jewellery and body adornment. Our aim was to focus on experimentation rather than polish, although it must be said that many of the submissions are a smidgeon more Polished than Unpolished. That said, there is no lack of innovation and all the work shown demonstrates a measure of ingenuity of technique, material, process, aesthetic or idea - and in some cases all of these things. If you wish to purchase any of the work, and we do encourage you to do so, please contact the artists directly using the contact details given.

Rediscover is a collection of eighteen of the sixty seven artworks collated for our Looking into Glass conference presentation held at the Eden Project. Each artist has a connection with the theme of recycling.